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Local precision mold manufacturer in China grew rapidly to break the foreign monopoly gradually

Not long ago, news came from Dongguan, Guangdong, according to the Department of Japanese SMEs with investment in Changan Town, letter of intent signed, the next one year will have 10 companies in Japan die within 3 years a total of 30 Japanese companies have also entered the mold.

Japan's precision mold manufacturing technology in the world leading level. "Peacock" why does "Southwest fly," a fancy to this land in Dongguan? According to Die Network CEO, Shenzhen Institute of expert members of the Luo Baihui mold technology that, in addition to the Japanese economy is not manufacturing, but also with local precision molds China in recent years the rapid growth of manufacturing enterprises, is constantly breaking the monopoly of Japanese enterprises have an important relationship . "Shenzhen Enterprise precision mold manufacturing leading the country, has accumulated a number of technical personnel and management personnel. In these high-tech talent, led by Shenzhen enterprises and national companies are constantly upgrading the level of precision manufacturing."

China Mould Industry Association and vice president Cao Yanan that mold industry in China increasingly large-scale, and precision will be increasingly high. 10 years ago, precision mold precision is generally 5 microns, and now has reached 2 to 3 microns. Long, 1 micron precision mold will be listed. With the miniaturization of components and precision requirements increase, and some precision mold tolerance requires 1 micron, which requires the development of super-finishing.

Luo Baihui that, in electrical, electronics production, the quality of precision molds directly determine the quality of products, electronic products, the improvement of quality requirements in turn promote the upgrading of the level of precision mold manufacturing, the most typical of the interaction between these is reflected in China Yueqing.

According to report, domestic mold industry have a saying: "Great find Huangyan mold, precision mold to find Yueqing." Why? Yueqing in Zhejiang Province south of the regional economy is relatively developed, such as Chint Group, West Germany of the Group and other national group of companies headquartered in Yueqing City. Liu town is well-known city of all electrical appliances in China, Hongqiao is the core manufacturing base of electronic components, household electrical appliances in almost all the way from production in both the electronic components.

Now, with the local footwear, lighters, buttons, glasses, pens, low-voltage electrical appliances, electronic connectors, drill production base, automobile and motorcycle industry is developing rapidly, greatly promoted the prosperity of Yueqing mold manufacturing. Yueqing thousands of existing types of mold factory, several hundred million annual turnover of ten, especially the white elephant Yueqing, Willow City and the Hongqiao area, the machinery industry is well developed. Among them, the Hongqiao area of manufacturing, "Automatic multi-position progressive die," to enjoy world-class reputation for sophistication, and the price is low, less than the international market of 1 / 10, in the domestic and overseas markets with a strong competitive edge.

"China has been made of the aircraft (transport seven or eight transport) and car (red flag, Chery), but so far no one has independent intellectual property rights of domestic printers, photocopiers." Luo Baihui analysis that, in addition to outside the core technology , the level of mold manufacturing process is the most important constraints.

Luobai Hui said, printers, copiers, mobile phones, digital cameras, home appliances, automotive electronics manufacturing precision molds Dengjun can not be separated, people are already familiar with the printers, copiers and other office automation products, metal and plastic parts are all precision stamping molds and precision injection mold parts. Shenzhen local companies to catch up the past two years, has been a breakthrough. Along with a number of local parts and components manufacturing and processing companies rise, the PRD global OA (office automation) products are also increasingly strong position of the base.

It is reported that the PRD has been the world's major production base of OA products, precision mold parts 10 years ago, all the Japanese companies to move to the Pearl River Delta (Ricoh, Toshiba, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Brother, Konica, Minolta and other multinational corporations) monopoly, the Shenzhen local businesses can get involved in none. Now all of OA products, precision mold parts, Shenzhen enterprises eleven were captured. For example, billion, and holding has become Toshiba, Konica, Minolta's largest supplier of precision components OA products.

Luobai Hui said, precision mold precision generally only a few microns, the fine level is 1% of a human hair. Manufacturing precision of local enterprises in Shenzhen has gone beyond that level. Flatness of the mold, for example, industry standards require the flatness of the mold material thickness should be 10%, million and can be 8%; processing precision industry standard is plus or minus 0.01 mm, billion, and could be plus or minus 0.005 mm, which is 5 microns. It is this superb technology, attracted multinational firm orders. Precision mold manufacturing in Shenzhen have been to more high-end auto parts, digital camera field extension.

Billion, and only the leader in precision mold processing enterprises one. Luobai Hui told reporters that China has grown up in recent years a number of large local die manufacturing company, including the million and holding, Shenzhen Jinghong Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hang Ngai Plastic Mould Co., Ltd., with annual sales revenue in the billion or more. These enterprises have become an integral part of transnational production chain, the important part.

"China's mold industry in 2009 to achieve 3% growth in sales of 98 billion yuan." Secretary-General Wu of China Mould Industry Association, the information provided before the art of war, as at present, China has formed Kunshan, Wuxi production base of industrial clusters precision molds ; Ningbo, Huangyan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, precision tooling industry cluster production base.

Wu also said the art of war, on the whole, China's mold industry and the developed countries there are between 10 to 15 years, mainly because China is still in the global industrial chain of low-end products in the middle and low, mold industry as well. Specific to the precision molds, China and Japan, and Taiwan, there remains a huge gap. "We still worked hard, come to catch up, to achieve the power of the dream die." "China Quality Daily"

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