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Industry winter is approaching the end, precision mold support industry recovery

 Time: 2010-05-26 22:30:36 | Source: China Machine Net Industry winter is approaching the end, precision mold support industry recovery - the fifth Dongguan (Chang'an) International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition opening 17 May Chang

"2010 Fifth Dongguan (Chang'an) International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition" on May 17, 2010 in the mold of the town - together, Changan Town, Dongguan International Machinery and Mould Hardware City grand opening. From China Mould Industry Association, Taiwan Mold Industry Association, Guangdong Mould Industry Association and other leaders and the city of Dongguan, Changan Town, and other leaders, BYD, Le Meridien Principal guests a total of 5,000 buyers attended the exhibition opening ceremony.

The 3-day event, nearly 200 exhibitors, 360 booths, professional and buyers is expected to more than 30,000 the number of people.
The exhibition Die Industry Association of Guangdong Province, People's Government of Dongguan City Changan, Dongguan City Hardware Machinery Mould Association and co-sponsored by Crown Group, Dongguan Union, Economic and Trade Bureau, Dongguan, Guangdong Federation of Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Province, the amount of machine work Cutting Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Commerce, Dongguan City, Hardware & Electrical Association to co-host.

  The current model developing leading exhibitor appearance
A total of international machinery exhibition galleries, boutique die area, with areas of metal and mold, accessories and raw materials zone creative zone mold technology, financial services areas such as the six galleries, exhibition scale reached 30,000 square meters, will be on the same stage die at home and abroad Competitive.

International exhibitors, the exhibition has invited renowned international exhibitors such as Germany DMG, Mitsubishi Electric, the United States Jie force, the Japanese Hill good, Cincinnati, Israeli Iscar Tools, Germany Zhuole, Belgium TVH Forklift and other exhibitors.
Another bright spot is that the Taiwan mold machinery brands gathered. Taiwan Cheng Tai, Taiwan is on behalf of the Taiwan Wei force, Taiwan Qiao Jia, Feng Fort Taiwan, Taiwan Wang Pan, Taiwan TYC chain, formed from the machining center, milling machines, grinding machines, lathes, wire cutting, EDM and other one should be taste of a complete industrial chain.
Domestic exhibitors, the organizing committee invited the famous enterprises in Guangdong Province and other provinces, municipalities leading machinery companies such as the North of a metal mold Okuma, Beijing Dumont Spark, NC Central, NC, Guangzhou, Beijing carved, West An Lide, Siu Hang Fushun Special Steel, Shanghai, Seiki Tello, Taiwan Branch Seiki, the amount of Group Ha, Ningbo, three knives and other well-known Korean exhibitors, the show to further enhance the level and quality.

Experts said that the domestic brands in the market and development potential, the international brand of technologies and services unique. Exhibition, the major brands have rolled out battle, competing against the Competition their core competitiveness.

To die to promote innovation and technology exchange features
Mayor of Dongguan Changan Chen FK, said holding Dongguan (Chang'an) International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition is the integration of Changan Town, industry resources, innovative initiatives to promote industrial agglomeration is the metal mold to create regional brand to promote the positive characteristics of the exhibition industry and the brand-name important means of interaction. Show innovation and technology exchange to promote mold featuring a metal mold industry machinery display at home and abroad, exchange, sale, purchase and an important platform for cooperation. Hope that participants of the business and the community the opportunity to take advantage of this exhibition, exchange of advanced technology and management experience, planning and cooperation plans, deepen understanding, and common development, to promote regional economic prosperity to contribute.
2010 Exhibition will be held across the Taiwan Strait over the same period Mold Technology (Dongguan) Forum, die die forum by the Huazhong University of Science and State Key Laboratory of University of Applied Sciences in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Department co-sponsored by the mold. Concern is that both sides will be the first to invite the most authoritative experts die session Professor Li Zhigang (China Mould Industry Association and vice president, State Key Laboratory of Die honorary director), Professor Li Jianjun (State Key Laboratory of Die Technology Officer), Dr. Yang Qingyu (Taiwan Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences Vice President) to do both sides the same stage the latest technology and trends die speech.
In addition, in 2010, Dongguan (Chang'an) International Machinery Exhibition will be a series of ten topics, including high-speed five-axis machining DMG modern mold seminars and technical exchanges, etc.

Dongguan financial sector companies together to help out the mold
Policy effects of political co-amplification of silver as an indirect bank financing platform for SMEs has been the most concerned about the mold show no exception. While for urgent financing needs of SMEs in the mold, Dongguan, also took the opportunity of the participating commercial banks to small and medium enterprises to vigorously promote their special products and services.

Including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and financial guarantees have appeared together in this mold development, services for SMEs to further expand the depth and breadth.
In addition, in 2010, Dongguan (Chang'an) International Mould Exhibition received the relevant user associations and business support group users, and a positive response, including automotive, aviation, aerospace, plastics, electronics, medical equipment, electrical, instrumentation, home appliances and other industry associations , relying on local government and CCPIT system, concentrated focus on manufacturing-related industrial park, geographical coverage of Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. Attracted BYD, Airmate, backgammon, Campbell and other large business delegation to purchase the show.
2010 China's economy has gradually stabilized, mold manufacturing industry change the growth mode as the industrial structure adjustment of key support, is undoubtedly one of the important pillars. With the rapid development of China's mold industry, the total mold industry in China has entered the list of the mold-producing countries, 2009 sales of 98 billion yuan mold, home to Japan, the United States after the third. Die exports almost 19 billion U.S. dollars, imports remained close to 20 die billion level, which indicates that our overall competitive mold, general level of development of precision manufacturing as the most worthy of attention and communication industry hot spots.
The Guangdong province of China mold, industrial-scale accounting for about 6 percent share, better business ecosystem, the provincial government, the provincial committee have been attracted by the letter of the ship, Dongfang Electric, China Airlines aircraft, dedicated high-end enterprise in the Pearl Triangle settled, the new high-end tools for Chinese shipyards, the ship also serves as the provincial key project in Nansha relocation started, and these should be given the equipment manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province to bring new development opportunities, but because of the mold industry has been in Guangdong most low-end industries, which fails to grasp this opportunity for development. To this end, Guangdong mold industry proposed industrial upgrading, from the structure, technology and talent to the industry, high-end transformation.

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