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Teach you how to identify the German brand of laser welding

As we all know, precision molds different from other parts of welding welding, its very strict quality control, and repair parts must be as short as possible period. Conventional argon welding heat affected zone of large, caused by staying around the welding and deformation of a very high probability, for high precision welding large area of mold, must be heated preheating, welding at a given temperature, but also natural annealing temperature, so toss down the cost and time are not accepted by users; the existence of cold welding and welding defects such as not strong and fall off. The argon laser welding without welding and cold welding of these deficiencies, it increasingly widely used.
German brand of laser welding the laser repairing precision mold processing technology in the 21st Century it spread into China, and has gradually replaced the traditional TIG welding and cold welding of the trend, but in Europe and other developed countries such as Germany, the technology in 20 century and the development of the nineties has matured into a strict hierarchical industrial system.
In Germany there are imbalances in industrial development, the most advanced industries are concentrated in the West, and East Germany's technology from the former Soviet Union, several industrial development mainly refers to the city of Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart and so on. Similarly, a pioneer in laser welding industry are also concentrated in West Germany. In China, the most commonly used special laser welding is a German model is commonly used in laser welding GHJ: 8407, SKD11, SKD61, S136.P20718.738, manufacturers in the world famous industrial city - Stuttgart. Early in the 20th century and the early nineties, has been engaged in welding technology, laser repair GHJ mold manufacturers have realized the huge market, bought several German precision laser welding repair of external mold, to become Germany's first professional to provide precision Laser production of mold remediation services, and through trial and improvement, combined with metallurgy and cold-drawing techniques to produce GHJ brand of laser welding. GHJ manufacturers have been using their own production of the wire fixed mold, Mercedes-Benz and BMW factory mold factory is GHJ regular clients. In China, just two years GHJ wire market share has reached 60%.
Germany also has other brands of wire, but because of the lack of welding experience, its quality has been plagued by doubts, similar to welding polishing, striae, and through a special heat treatment, mold, there is always quality problems; and some wire manufacturers in East Germany, Its production technology is mainly inherited from Russia, wire prices are relatively cheap, but quality is always after the welding process to end users so bruised and battered. China's current domestic use of the wire varied, with 90, # 90, M90 and so on. Some dealers for profit, the stainless steel wire, welding wire and other fine article pull wire to sell as laser, or even pretending to sell the German GHJ brand wire. As competition in the domestic market are not standardized, resulting in brand wire has not been fully utilized, which also led to the quality of domestic wire and laser welding mold technology for a long time does not improve. This laser repair mold technology in China lags behind developed countries in more than a decade one of the reasons advanced.
German brand of laser welding to identify many ways, mainly in the following ways: 1, welding grinding, no blisters, cracks, black and other poor welding quality, the hardness after welding line with the base material; 2, the surface of good quality wire metallic luster, toughness, and absorb moisture easily rust, will not rust the wire because of its thick surface coating of rust, or close to the material composition of stainless steel after welding deformation prone to trachoma or fall off easily, or hardness is very low. Laser can melt, burn, or evaporate almost all of the material. If you are using heavy metal wire, or wire coated with the rust layer containing toxic ingredients, these gases and steam would endanger human health. We propose to alert the user of laser welding, not to use laser welding supplies, laser welding operators to ensure the health, and improve China's model of the technical quality of laser welding.

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