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Mold causes and prevention of heat treatment deformation

Owned Channel: thermal Keywords: heat treatment metal mesh】 【HC understand that mold is an important part forming process technology and equipment, automotive, motorcycles, electrical appliances, IT products, office automation equipment, light industrial products, medical devices, etc. an important basis for manufacturing equipment. As with the die forming of high precision, consistency, appearance, so more and more used in aircraft, ships and high-speed trains and other equipment of the structure and interior parts manufacturing. Coupled with the production process can achieve high efficiency, high-volume and and materials, energy saving, so the molds are often hailed as "the mother of modern industrial production." Die technology has become a national industry standard to measure an important indicator, but also to keep these countries in the international market on the edge of the core competitiveness. Especially the precision mold, represents the maximum level of industrial economic one.
Mold causes and prevention of heat treatment deformation: deformation conditions for sophisticated tooling, deformation causes for a study to investigate the reduction and control of mold deformation of sophisticated measures to improve product quality and service life of the mold.

First, the impact of mold materials:

1, the mold material selection: a mechanical treatment plant from the simple selection and consideration, select the T10A steel section size disparities, requires a smaller deformation after quenching and complex molds, hardness required 56-60HRC. Hardness after heat treatment meet the technical requirements of the mold, but mold deformation of the larger, can not be used, resulting in mold scrapped. Later deformation of steel plant micro Cr12 steel, mold hardness and deformation after heat treatment are in line with requirements. Preventive measures: thus create sophisticated, requiring less deformation of the mold, to try to use micro-deformation of steel, such as air quenching steel.

2. The impact of mold materials: steel factory complex Cr12MoV sent a group of mold, mold comes with ¢ 60mm hole, mold treatment, some die there oval hole, resulting in mold scrapped. In general small deformation of Cr12MoV steel is steel, there should be no greater distortion. We have a serious mold deformation microstructure analysis, tool steel contains large amounts of eutectic

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