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Ninghai Mould business development experience is worth learning

【Network】 HC metal mold is the basis for industrial production technology and equipment, may be called the mother of the manufacturing sector. Industrial construction is the key to the development of county economy, the development of an industry to add a rich way, strong, industrial strength, industry, the people of Fu Xing. Breakthrough to achieve economic and social development, and substantial increase in the county comprehensive economic strength and competitiveness, focusing on industry, the key in the industry. Ninghai mold manufacturing, originated in the 20th century, 50 years, membership of the Shanghai Ming Ninghai retired a few technical staff brought in their hometowns bakelite mold when the business and technology, when rooted in known as the "Five Carpenter town" after Ninghai , Ninghai ingenuity continues to introduce new people, from generation to generation, the mold industry bigger and stronger, forming the leading export-oriented industries which dominate high.

Ninghai mold companies first to enter the field of large-scale manufacture of precision molds

50 years of the 20th century, mainly by caliper Ninghai mold, hammer, hand drill and other simple tools to knock; 60's to 70's, Ninghai began stamping die and plastic mold, and gradually led the plastic products industry, the Ninghai become able to a large number of major domestic and foreign home appliances, electronics brand production base mold; to 80 years, some enterprises have Ninghai Mould professional mold of copper and other metal products, manufacturing processes, and led the Ningbo City water meter industry. Part of the basis for better business began producing die-casting molds, the development of companies such as Shanghai Volkswagen, supporting cooperative units. In this stage of development, Ninghai mold companies in the country counterparts in the first step into the field of large-scale manufacture of precision molds, 1987, Ninghai successfully developed the first set of double-tub washing machine-made plastic injection molds, developed the first set of 54 cm, 64 cm Molded color TV made the first set of molds and plastic shell mold 17 cm color display; the mid-90s, Ninghai has been able to produce large, high-precision molds, and formed a larger scale of production.

Air Asia mold most important industry acceptance criteria

Air Asia Co., Ltd. is located in Ninghai, China mold mold base, the national ecological demonstration counties, the National hundred counties in the coastal city - Ningbo Ninghai Mould City G4, away from the Ningbo Airport, 45 kilometers east port - Beilun port 70 km , and with three high-speed passing through the traffic is very convenient. According to Wang, general manager of Hang sound introduction, the company is a mold to be on behalf of the domestic and international buyers for acceptance (test) the agent dies, at home and abroad to undertake the design and manufacture of precision molds and plastic products manufacturing. The company's mold quality customer-oriented, manufacturing tooling costs from the customer point of view of domestic and foreign manufacturing plant commissioned in the mold during mold factory acceptance testing and eventually die. At the same time the company can according to customer demand, the manufacturer of the mold manufacturing capacity assessment of appraisal, analysis of the mold of nuclear pre-offer price, on the assessment of mold design, mold in the system to track the process, the mold in the system process quality tracking, mold test mold test track. The company will track and test all of the above provide a reasonable written analytical reports for customers and manufacturer information. Molds manufactured in strict accordance with the standards set by the company manufacturing acceptance. The company developed the process of tracking a series of mold test, mold factory acceptance criteria, standards, manufacturers of various types of capacity assessment standard reference manual.

Air Asia Co., Ltd. Ninghai a professional mold inspection techniques (experience) is based, together with the standard inspection requirements, the actual way of writing the mold domestic and foreign buyers to ensure that the mold in the actual progress made to improve the quality of the mold process to ensure the passing rate of the factory mold. Companies with high quality molds for the idea of the cost to the customer as the starting point to reduce the customer in the process of mold in the system for tracking the human, economic waste, and to customers in the United States and inexpensive system of quality requirements of the mold.

Metal mold and plastic as an international supplier of industrial association member unit, Ninghai Mould Co., Ltd. Air Asia for the majority of enterprises will be happy to provide true and reliable track record of the mold process and dedication to provide fair and effective mold a database of qualified basis.
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Air Asia Co., Ltd. Ninghai Mould now has become the Business School and Zhejiang Ninghai school counseling school-enterprise cooperation base of the elite enterprises. Like Air Asia Mould Co., Ltd Ninghai, Ninghai mold companies and in promoting a major strategic project - to strengthen integration of information technology and industrialization, and further optimize the industrial structure, and comprehensively into the high-end mold market, support Ninghai mold industry to remain competitive in the future advantage, Yong Li Ao head. Ninghai, has become a truly "China mold industry base."

Ninghai experience is worth learning

International Mould & Plastic Hardware Industry Suppliers Association official Luobai Hui pointed out that the construction industry is key to the development of county economy, the development of an industry to add a rich way, strong, industrial strength, industry, the people of Fu Xing. Breakthrough to achieve economic and social development, and substantial increase in the county comprehensive economic strength and competitiveness, focusing on industry, the key in the industry.

Ninghai experience tells us that industrial development has its own rules to follow. First, according to local conditions is a prerequisite for the development of special industries. 10 years ago, Ninghai county will die as a primary focus on supporting the industry, because it has a good industrial base, the streets, front shop, full of mold processing enterprises is conducive to selection of the best training, and breakthroughs in the market competition. Second, government support is to accelerate the development of special industries of thrust. Ninghai Mould City building, the introduction to small business "incubator" for the land after the plant expansion, this "incubator" for enterprise development and growth provided a powerful impetus to build a very excellent take-off platform. Third, innovation and upgrading is the key to accelerate the development of special industries. Pause will fall behind, innovation will increase vitality. Ninghai adhere Fangshuiyangyu, encourage enterprises to accelerate the technological transformation of innovation, in exchange for business transformation and management of large-scale upgrades to enable enterprises to realize the explosive development. Fourth, the investment is to accelerate the formation of special industries shortcuts. Ninghai the mold industry has been in a state of development, and actively welcome foreign investors to join the county more than 500 professional manufacturers of existing mold, and more than 2,000 shops and workshops of professional factory stores, the formation of a gradient of development, reasonable structure, layout tight cluster

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